Training for Transformation

This project is the idea of Amelia Sello, a South African exile in Australia. In 1994 she returned to her native land to vote in the election and stayed three years using her Australian training in Community Development to enable and encourage self-sufficiency in the slum area of Boitikong, between Pretoria and Rustenburg. She returned to Perth in 1997.
With support from a group from St Nicholas and with the help of other organisations such as Rotary she has planned another trip to South Africa to work in the slum at Hartebeesfontein, also near Rustenburg.
The plan is to build a neighbourhood house - place where people can come to make friends, discuss matters of interest, give each other support, share problems confidentially and teach each other survival skills such as sewing, knitting etc . The house will operate on self-help principles and will help people develop a sense of personal power and self-sufficiency. They will be taught skills that will enable them to produce and market products so that they can earn a living and be able to support their families.

Mission support
The parish is a keen supporter of various missions organisations, and provides a weekly distribution of food for the needy. This is distributed through the Anglicare office in Perth.

Much effort and energy are put into the
Training for Transformation Project

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