Adam and Eve are expelled from the garden of Eden
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The Vista Social Club

The Vista Social Club is a lively group of seniors, from Floreat and neighbouring suburbs that meets fortnightly on Wednesdays for a light lunch and fellowship. It is a means of encouraging our seniors to socialize; to listen to stimulating talks and to go on regular excursions.
The first meeting took place on June 7th 2000 with 40 people present. Volunteers from St Nicholas have been assisting with transport, cooking and cleaning. Local businesses have been generous with their donations too and the Principla of Hale School has permitted the club to borrow one of the school buses for excursions.
Birthdays are celebrated with a special cake. There is an exercise session and board games at the end of the end of the meeting.

Open House

Open House is a joint venture with other churches that provides a weekly morning of fellowship and games - bowls or cards - for another lively group of seniors. Open House meets at All Saints Uniting Church, 50 Berkeley Cres, Floreat on Fridays at 9.15am. Transport can be arranged.

Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union has a long history in the parish. Most members are now older women. They meet monthly at 1.15pm on the third Thursday of the month. They organise occasional speakers for their meetings. A highlight in 2000 was a talk by The Revd Dr George Trippe on Jung and Christianity.
The members are involved with following up families whose children have been recently baptised and have started a monthly meeting of mothers with young children as part of this process.

The Vista Social Club is an outreach to the elderly in the community