St.Nicholas Church,
opened 1962

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Floreat Park!

The suburb of Floreat is situated a few km west of Perth City, and is very close to the Indian Ocean with its fine beaches and summer breezes.

The Church of St.Nicholas was opened in 1962, and contains some attractive stained glass windows. It is the centre for a lively parish with an open and welcoming policy, and a firm commitment to overseas aid and mission.

The Rev'd Stephen Gibbs

The Rev'd Eileen Warby

Alison Bevan and Roger Veary.

Synod Representative:
Agnes Tate

Parish Council:
Jim Crawford (treasurer), Agnes Tait (correspondence secretary), Malcolm McCallum, Shirley Strack, Tom Evans, Patricia Chin, Roger Veary.
Alison Bevan(secretary)

St Nicholas' Hall

St Nicholas' Hall was opened in 1999 to link and enrich both the church and the local community. There is  a large carpeted hall, with parquet floor dance area, a large well-equipped kitchen and two separate meeting rooms. There is also an attractive garden setting including Barbecue and Kids' playground. The facilities are available to church groups and the public for a donation. To book the hall or one of the meeting rooms please contact us

47 Berkeley Crescent,
Western Australia

PO Box 34 Floreat Forum 6014   
Phone:  +61 (8) 9387 1304   Fax +61 (8) 9387 8997